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We're Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto. Oh, wait. Yes we are.


I'm a working mom, a working wife, and a working homemaker. Some things I do better than others.

I have an English degree from Texas Christian University. Sometimes I tell people I majored in Shakespeare, which would be totally be true if it were possible. I used to like to write long, researched, thesis-like papers on Shakespeare's treatment of women in his plays. It was boring for everyone but me.

I spent 14 years in advertising - agency side, client side, and executive recruiter side. I watch the Super Bowl for the ads.

These days I write about parenting, pop culture, advertising, hiring, and occasionally, politics. These things seem to have a broader appeal to people on the internet than Shakespeare chicks.

A few things you need to know about me, if we are to become pals:

1. I am a dog person. The bigger, the better.
2. I have two little boys, I know next to nothing about raising girls.
3. I am a liberal feminist, but I still expect you to hold the door for me.
4. I am a visual learner. Podcasts and audiobooks are worthless to me.
5. I like Jesus Christ. I do not like people who claim to love Him, but are really haters.
6. I don't watch reality TV. I can't handle people embarrassing themselves.
7. This applies to Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller, and Jim Carrey, and Amy Sedaris.
8. Chris Elliott is the antichrist.
9. I like to drink. I like talking about it more than actually doing it.
10. I cuss. A lot. Like a fucking sailor.